Friday, 5 June 2015

Design of Product Packaging

A good and impressive Design of Product Packaging is  one of the most important tool into product selling. Infact this is the last  chance to get the sale. A good and impressive design of product packaging is  one of the most important tool into product selling. Infact this is the last  stage  to get the sale.  More than 80% customer or consumers make up their mind about product buying at P.O.P (point of purchase). First time  Customer evaluate a product by its packaging before buying. Product packaging design needs to speak about U.S.P,  unique sales point of the product.  It should be relevant with nature of business. Packaging should talk about the quality of inner material. Customer's eye is very important while it is exploring shelves in the super markets.  colors plays an effective part into product selling. For an example,  If you are selling packed milk, then a black color in packaging will not appeal or attract to the buyers.  Photographs is also a very very important part into impressive packaging. A good product photoshoot describe more about product use. It can explore the new type of uses for the concern product. Just imagine the two similar products in a super market's shelve, one is packed into transparent polypack and other is packed into good packing by using attractive colors, impressive graphics  with appropriate photography. Definitely second option of product packaging will attract and fascinate to the buyer. There is very thin line between customer's yes or no at the time of buying.  A good and up to mark packaging of the product can motivate to customers for buying. Every year 90% product are fail due to bad packaging. If your packing is a copy of a big brand or look like a similar then you can not expect a seprate identity of your product in the the market. Make your packaging a brand tool to communicate with your end user beacause better connectivity creates better business.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

How We Create A Logo

 Logo is not just a graphical symbol it is an important tool of your business branding, moreover it is a reflection of your brand’s nature. Logo always speaks in his own language.  It can convey your business nature to the person who may not be from your state or country.  A well-designed logo is part of every single media which is extremely useful in branding and communication with end consumer or customer.
An intelligent graphic designer always uses less color in logo. So that it can be applied it on different different media like visiting cards, business letter heads, catalogues, brochure, t-shirts, I-cards, mugs, dvd  signage boards etc. If designer can make a good logo in a single or two colors then it can save some money in long run, because if you choose multi-color logo for your brand then you have to choose multi-color printing on every media or product. Although printing scenario is also changing its way but therefore multicolor printing is more costly than single or double color. A good creative logo is also gives you identical benefits. You can judge the impact of good logo from the web. Every website starts with company’s logo. A good logo should be universal and timeless appeal. Because you never know about the future of your business,  may be it can travels generation to generations or country to country. So people from different ages or different region should correlate with your logo. For example  Nike “Swoosh”  is recognized worldwide with positive approach, whether the native language is Hindi, Arabic, French, Bangla, Japani or English. Trade mark is also a very important factor in logo. Always make your logo registered under copyright act. It will secure your intellectual property because logo is face of your brand, secure it from uneven elements.